Professional Wedding Photographers UK

Every little girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day. They know what the dress will look like, which flowers they want in the church, where they want the reception to be held: everything.

After years of planning the perfect big day, you'll want to make sure it is recorded just right, which is why you need to sift through professional wedding photographers to try and find the best one for you. We can make this task much easier for you with In this online directory of wedding photographers you will find photographers from across the UK, including Essex, Kent, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Bristol.

Wedding Photography Styles Essex

One of the most important things to think about before choosing a wedding photographer is the style you want for your wedding photos. There are three main types:

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Kent

Photojournalistic wedding photography is fast becoming the most popular style in the UK. Professional wedding photographers who use this method work in a similar way to photographers in the media, in that they use their pictures to tell the story of the day. Their shots are natural, unplanned, and candid, giving a more natural and unobtrusive impression of the day. Many people like this unique style because it shows the bridal party, groomsmen and the wedding guests being themselves.

Formal Wedding Photos Leeds

If formal wedding photos are more your cup of tea, you might prefer to go for a traditional wedding photographer. These professional wedding photographers deal more in planned and formal shots of the wedding party and the wedding guests. The bride and groom are the main focus of the pictures. Most of the pictures are taken during the ceremony, the signing of the register, and in arranged formal outdoor shots afterwards.

Artistic Wedding Photographers Bristol

For those of a more creative bent, artistic wedding photographers could be for you.

These professional wedding photographers are skilled in getting the most visually stunning wedding photos for you and your family. They may use props, or ask you to recreate a scene from your favourite film. The pictures could be finished in black and white, or sepia, or they may be based around a particular colour theme. Whatever style you choose for your artistic wedding photos, they're sure to be a lovely reminder of your big day.